• Newton Group

    “Partnering with Mobile Dealer has helped our dealerships to grow our monthly sales and improve service retention.

    Katie Rosenbaum, Marketing Director, Newton Motor Group
  • Lyon Waugh

    “We are excited to take our customer acquisition and service retention to the next level. Our personalized dealer mobile app helps us to better connect with our customers and prospects, and is key to growing customer loyalty across our family of dealerships.

    Cidalia Schwartz, Marketing Director, Lyon-Waugh Automotive Group
  • Jenkins

    “Our loyalty rewards program helps us to reward our customers for frequent purchases in sales, F&I, service and parts; and it helps us to retain our customers throughout their vehicle ownership.”

    Richard Moulton, General Manager, Jenkins Auto Group
  • Betten Baker

    “This is a GAME CHANGER! Our dealer app alerts our sales staff when prospects are visiting competitor’s sales, service and parts location. With this insight, we’re able to follow up in a timely manner and convert more shoppers to customers.”

    Jim Messick, Director Operations, Betten Baker Auto Group
  • Roger Jobs

    “We’re outpacing our competition by delivering engaging customer experiences directly through their smartphones. Our app helps us to attract, nurture, retain and grow customer relationships throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”

    Travis Graddon, General Manager, Roger Jobs Motors
  • Affinity

    “We are more effective in sending targeted mobile offers and specials that are relevant to our customers’ buying cycle. This level of personalization helps us to increase pre-orders and sell more vehicles.

    Steve Whitlock, Chief Operations Officer, Affinity Auto Group
  • Autobahn

    “Our mobile dealership app and geofencing solution is helping us to increase sales and service retention by appealing to customers’ needs throughout each stage of their vehicle ownership lifecycle. Timing and value creation is key at each stage.”

    Derek West, Marketing Director, Autobahn Auto Group
  • Riverside Metro

    “We use geofencing to help drive additional foot traffic to our showrooms and service area. We know exactly when a potential buyer visits our competitors and have the opportunity to reach out to them in a timely manner before they purchase from another dealership.”

    Henri Yassa, Internet Director, Riverside Metro Automotive Group
  • Plaza

    “Our online reputation is one of the strongest marketing tactics to build a pipeline for leads and improve our search engine ranking. Our mobile dealer app allows us to garner more reviews by digitally prompt our customers to leave a review after their visit.”

    Adam Stein, Fixed Operations Director, Plaza Auto Group
  • Land

    “Switching to Mobile Dealer is a one-stop-spot for everything vehicle on your phone. By directly connecting through our customers’ smartphones, we’re delivering engaging experiences for every customer we serve in a meaningful way that improves their ownership experience.”

    Kelsey Bilyk, Marketing Director, L.A.N.D Auto Group
  • RAG

    “Our mobile dealer app provides targeted and personalized engagement features that’s helping us to increase sales conversions and keep our customers loyal to our dealership throughout their entire vehicle ownership cycle.”

    Chris Gauthier, Principal, RoadSport Auto Group
  • Murray

    “Delivering a superior experience is at the very center of our strategy. Our dealer app helps us to deliver the best customer experience when they buy and service a vehicle with our family of dealerships.

    Jared Lang, General Manager, Murray Auto Group
  • Wyant

    “We take great pride in the high level of personalized service that we provide to our guests. With Mobile Dealer, we have a mobile solution that will help us to engage our customers and shoppers more effectively and take our quality of service to an even higher level.”

    Tanner Caouette, Principal, Wyant Auto Group
  • Strong Auto Group

    “We’re taking digital retailing to a whole new level. Our mobile dealer app is an extension of our showroom floor and service area, which opens a new digital channel that connects our dealerships directly to our customers and shoppers smartphone.”

    Joe Martin, General Sales Manager, Strong Auto Group
  • Toyota

    “This is a MUST-HAVE! Our dealer app and geofencing solution is helping us to sell and service more vehicles every month. We have a modern approach to engage customers at every stage of their buying journey and vehicle ownership life cycle.”

    Rick Funk, Principal, Funk’s Toyota
  • Ford

    “Our car dealer app helps us to exceed our monthly sales & service targets! We’re generating more leads, selling more units and increasing our service ROs with automated service reminders, targeted geo marketing and loyalty rewards.”

    Jason Keay, Principal, Jim Keay Ford Lincoln